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Mind Mail

Change begins inside

Mail for the mind. Helping you create the life you want and deserve.

Mind Mail has been developed with a clear goal in mind, to make working on your mind easy, fun and straightforward. Our coaching boxes are for those of you who are finding yourself lost, stuck, frazzled, burnt out & unclear on where to go next. Mind Mail gets results fast & brings you clarity, perspective, focus & a clear plan for achieving your desires.

Mind Mail is like no other coaching offering out there. You can choose your very own Mind Mail box to coach yourself at home. Each of our luxurious boxes comes with carefully tailored coaching exercises & beautiful wellbeing products delivered straight to your doorstep.

Pick from whatever suits your needs and give yourself & others the gift of clarity, balance, abundance & creating the life you really want.





How do I know which box to choose?



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My story behind Mind Mail

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People often ask me why I set up Mind Mail. The answer is simple. I really wished it had been available when I was feeling, well, lost. Lost and in need of some guidance.

After a decade of working in talent for a global consultancy I was stuck, unsure of where to go next and overwhelmed with juggling kids, a life and a career. This is where my journey began. Those struggles turned out to be my greatest gift. I started devouring books, setting up workshops and became a qualified coach. 

Having coached hundreds of women and men I saw that there was a need to bring coaching exercises right into peoples homes and places of work. The more I worked with people I realised how busyness and not knowing where to start was holding people back. I wanted to make wellbeing and a healthy mindset accessible to everyone and I wanted to make it cool. No corporate jargon. No cheesey buzz words. Simple, honest exercises that I have seen work time and time again, accompanied by some seriously gorgeous well being products. 

In this busy age we often don't take the time to really work on ourselves and what we want and need. Mind Mail takes care of this for you and will take you on a journey to discover your real self and give you the tools to make what you want of your life.

A healthy and positive mindset can completely transform your life. Mind Mail is here to help you do that.  

Wherever you are in your journey, I wish you joy and abundance. Be sure to notice the magic that starts happening when you invest in yourself.

With love,

Caroline xx

Caroline's background

Caroline is a certified coach with 12 years working for a consultancy on talent projects. Having coached hundreds of men, women and SME's Caroline knows the power and magic to be found when you start investing in your mind and wellbeing. Caroline has also worked with hundreds of women via workshops aimed at teaching women to be brave over perfect. With two small children in tow, Caroline is making her dreams a reality. 

What do some of Caroline's clients say?

Thank you for the clarity you bring me. I love our sessions. You are so good at what you do. Thank you.
— 1:1 Coaching client
My ability to manifest has completely changed since working with Caroline. I sometimes joke that she might be controlling the universe.
— 1:1 coaching client
Thank you! It has been an amazing journey with you & the takeaway is immense. You are a shining star. Thank you so much for everything.
— 1:1 coaching client
Caroline is the marvel I was looking for – I was at a stalling point in my career and contacted her in the hope she may be able to help. Right from the off she’s understood my muddled worries and has been brilliant at identifying the causes behind that and helping me focus on how to make positive changes for the future. What I love about our sessions together is how engaging she is and how just ‘gets’ what I am talking about – no waffling nonsense or hard-sell, just honest experience and advice. Plus the homework I do between our meetings keeps me motivated and on track.

I’ve only had two sessions so far but I leave them feeling empowered and positive and have already made big leaps to ignite change – things I’ve been putting off for years, like changing my work/life balance, I’ve been able to seize control of and feel confident enough to ask for what I want. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
— 1:1 coaching client