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21 days to transform your life with good habits

21 days to transform your life with good habits


“This 21 day course is really powerful! The exercises help you to get real with yourself first so you can really understand what needs to change but then there’s real tangible actions to help you make the necessary changes. Unlike a lot of courses that make big promises and under deliver, this course really resonated with me and I felt like the lessons were written just for me! If you stick to it it really is life-changing!"

Karen - Recent 21 day course participant

As many of you know it takes 21 days to truly transform negative habits into POSITIVE ones. These positive habits can transform your life & leave you feeling more contented, calm & clear. Relationships improve, both with yourself & other people & you get some headspace to really make sure you are getting what you want from your life.

The content in my online program was my go to rescue remedy when I was stuck in a cycle of prioritising everyone else, having barely any self-care & criticising myself for anything I could think of. The constantly high barometers were exhausting & I knew I had work to do on the way I looked after & spoke to myself. 

With that in mind this course will focus on:

How to rid yourself of self limiting beliefs
How to choose positive over negative thoughts
How to build the perfect morning routine
How to be mindful & use it in everyday life
How to make sure you are looking after yourself emotionally, physically & spiritually
How to manage stress & anxiety
How to balance being with doing
How to improve your relationship with yourself, friends, other half & children
How to prioritise feeling good

How do you know if the course is right for you?
You often struggle with switching off
You are your own worst critic
You are finding you are anxious, stressed or lacking in confidence
You want to feel better but find you never have the time to focus on you
You have constant chatter in your head
You put everyone or everything before yourself
You've lost sight of who you really are & feel stuck & unclear

This course will cover all of the above & be delivered online & include downloadable PDF's & video content. You will also get several freebies such as a digital gratitude journal, timetable for planning your day, the magic clearing exercise & much more! 

Once you sign up your access to the course material never expires so you can come back to it whenever you need! This means you can use the material in September for getting that back to school focus, in January when you need to set your intentions or just whenever you need a boost.

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