Mind Mail


Your coach in a box. The gift that can really make a difference.

Mail me a three month SUBSCRIPTION

Mail me a three month SUBSCRIPTION


Your very own coach in a box. These specially curated exercises & products have been lovingly designed to bring your very own virtual coach into your home. 

Never miss a Mind Mail with a rolling subscription for three months and you'll also have access to exclusive subscriber only information.

Each month, for three months, you will receive a Mind Mail box

Month 1: Clarity [with Hello Day Luxury Bound Notebook]

Month 2: Creation & Visualisation

Month 3: Balance & Focus w/ free gratitude cards

Each box comes with:

4 Mind Mail coaching exercises 

2 Affirmation cards

Beautiful candle full of oils to help become more centred

A crystal to help your energy

A Mind Mail Pencil

A notebook or stationary gift

A tea bag or treat to be the perfect companion as you work through your  exercises

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