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Want to move through the fear & get your mindset in the most amazing place?

Come join me, Caroline Britton, on The Fear to Founder Programme!

My 8 week intensive program, From Fear to Founder, is designed to make you feel liberated, positive, energised & proud. It will show you how to move through the fear & get your mindset in the most amazing place so you can set up your business as quickly & effectively as possible. All fluff & fillers have been taken out & this course is extremely thorough with proven results. It is totally results orientated with content I’ve seen work time & again. You will learn how to:

  • Get past the fear & become confident & resilient

  • Get your mindset right so everything feel possible

  • Plan your finances & get an amazing money mindset

  • Practically set up a business – from insurances, finances, website & logistics

  • Design & Implement a 1-3-5 year plan

  • Breakdown goals into achievable monthly chunks

  • Plan for & negotiate your resignation [as well as the emotions that come up]

  • Create a website, brand, attract your five star client & tap into your existing network 

  • Have access to a group of like minded women who are in the same position as you

  • Get focused with  time management & prioritisation techniques

  • Create a written commitment to your plan going forwards

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